Why Eros Moon?

We know when we are near others who are living their erotic liberation, because we can feel it… The aliveness in their eyes... The honey in their hips...The wisdom on their lips. They feel juicy! And so often, when we see them, we either feel threatened by their freedom or want it so badly, but feel scared to admit we do. Because we feel the liberation in it. Liberation is both a primal longing and our ancestor’s greatest prayers, and it’s what we have been taught will put us in the greatest danger.

Erotic liberation is our birthright.

It is the source of our greatest terror, but also the source of our greatest aliveness.

This is an invitation.

To reclaim your unbounded pleasure through...

  • Liberation of your erotic expression for more satisfaction in your relationships.

  • Mapping your emotions and using them as nourishment to access deeper layers of pleasure.

  • Opening up to practices of self pleasure that are rooted in Ancestral memories of freedom.

  • Becoming sovereign in your decisions and taking full responsibility for your turn on.

  • Finding your YES and your NO and learning to stay in your power.

Eros Moon + Dragon Moon

Decolonial frameworks for Erotic Awakening

This work is a remembrance of the already-present state of our ancestral liberation. Because while we have current and ancestral memories of harm, we also have ancestral memories, templates, and restorative practices, for our deepest freedom. Our work is a weaving of these ancestral memories back into our cognitive minds, so we can access the wisdom that these times are asking for. Eros Moon + Dragon Moon are journeys that take you on an exploration of the intersection of pleasure and Lunar cycles, weaving ancestral frameworks and decolonial perspectives. Together, we practice becoming one with nature and learning from its infinite erotic source. That place where we desire to live courageously and curiously, but don’t know how to overcome the terror of doing so.


  • Content

    We aim to offer a blueprint to relating better to ourselves and the world. Through a journey that situates us at the intersection of pleasure and Lunar cycles. In this course we intentionally conjure erotic embodied liberation within. The content offered is based in decolonial practices that honor the black and indigenous nations I come from.

  • Timeline

    This is a 6 week journey. The first 3 weeks will be where we connect to our EROS MOON, the place in which our aliveness is located. Through a series of weekly classes, we explore the structure of lunar cosmology and its lessons around emotional sovereignty. The following 3 weeks, we connect to DRAGON MOON. Here we engage in weekly meetings of emergent wisdom, as we weave a collective of archives that allow for the embodiment and practice of what we learnt previously.

  • Community

    We have a limited amount of spots, since this is a very intimate journey to the realms of Eros via Lunar wisdom. We ask that you come ready, that you are fully prepared to let go of the notions of traditional relating and are open to investigate the colonial structures that inhabit your consciousness. This is a brave space that requires a sovereign attitude.


April 8th - May 13th - Mon and Thu at 8pm EST (Recordings available)

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  • 00 Hours
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What's Included

  • Lessons

    A comprehensive PDF with all lesson content and references. Plus, all online recorded videos which will be accessible through the year for continued learning.

  • 1:1 calls

    Everyone in the course will have a 1:1 call with Luna. In this call we will be looking the ancestral patterns that are revealing themselves through the work and creating a strategy to allow for space to be made.

  • Community

    Access to Luna's community platform, where rituals, breathwork practices and Full Moon gatherings will be posted as part of an ongoing strengthening of the Erotic Lunar collective.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to ALUNA EROS MOON




    5. Workbook - The Creation Story

    6. Class 1: Creation Story

    7. Class 1 - Recording

    1. Unpacking Internalized shame patterns - Toxic Solar perspective and erotic energy centers

    2. Cultivating a Pleasure Practice as a way to transmute deep emotional wounds.

    1. Lesson 1: Understanding Ancestral Memory

    1. Lesson 1: Becoming like water

    1. Lesson 1: Redefining Eros - Black perspectives on Erotic expression

    2. Lesson 2: Embodying Pleasure

    1. Lesson 1: Embracing Radical Self-Love

    2. Lesson 2: Individual X Collective Liberation

    3. Lesson 3: Erotic Lunar frameworks for the future

About this course

  • $2,000.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


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About me

Juliana Luna

I come from a long lineage of Brazilian traditional healers. Rezadeiras. Lunar Ancestral technology and the wisdom my Ancestors conveyed to me shape the path I follow through my 10+ years self development and healing journey. This wisdom is liberation oriented. It is a powerful practice of remembering. It is also my daily practice in life and what from today, I share with you. The moment I committed to myself in love and deep compassion, allowing space to be made for my vast emotional landscape, cycle after cycle, my life began to flow. Effort became less. Aluna reminds us about our own time and space, our presence. A place we can always go back to. A home. Aluna also gently offers a perspective on how to honor our tides in ways that remind us of who we are, allowing our own expanded perspective to perceive and shape how we show up in the world. Wholeness as a way of being — is what you will get out of this practice. This is an invitation to join a community of people who are choosing their gifts everyday. We choose to show up as we are. To serve despite our fear. In Love. Unconditional Love.

What people are saying...

Fully Alive

Gogo Yema Jillian - Legasea.love

The way Luna holds space, curates experiences, and sees Spirit allowed me to surrender into parts of myself that had been longing to be witnessed and freed for generations. Fully Alive. That’s how I would describe my transformation in Luna’s care. My Ancestors dance in honor of this work and the power Aluna brings through its wisdom.

Undeniable medicine

Jusna - HELD by Jusna

There's so much to say. For now, I am looking forward to continuing working with you-- this medicine is undeniable - the activation, powerful."

Feels damn good to be home...

Brit - Hypnosister.co

Feels damn good to be home. Thank you for creating a safe and intentional space for us all. Thank you for showing the way.