What is Manual Cycle Tracking?

Through ALUNA we offer an Afro-Brazilian Lunar mapping framework for period tracking, which helps navigating our emotional landscape and fertility as a daily practice. What does that do? It functions as a compass to guide our deepest creative impulse. We get to gather fertility data, emotional landscape awareness and intentional emotional release. It also offers an opportunity to practice nervous system regulation and grief transmutation. ALUNA functions as an inner rhythm compass and invites us to a state of sovereignty within our body. Through an in-depth understanding of Lunar cycles we understand how they work, we create a relationship with them. Which in turn facilitates making space for our heart's desire to manifest more pleasure, joy and ease. ALUNA makes space to manifest the life we always dreamed of, peeling layers of shame and waking up to our full potential through this daily mindfulness practice. A framework to observe our deepest patterns and transform them.

Why is it important to protect our fertility data?

With the latest news on the overturning of Roe x Wade, data privacy became a priority. We learned that it is not as safe as we think to login our fertility data into an App. It’s probably a good idea to reorient our relationship to reproductive health from a more personal perspective. Meaning: take full ownership of our menstrual cycle. Fertility data sovereignty. I have been manually tracking my cycle for over 7 years now. My personal experience is: This data awareness has saved my life over and over again. From improving my relationship to my emotions and healing ancestral wounds, to transforming my relationship with my body and it’s fluidity by helping me understand my inner rhythms. The amount of inner power I gained from regularly making space for my ebbs and flows is priceless. It has granted me ease. No more painful periods. This awareness has empowered me to trust myself and really listen to my intuition. With that said, it is our birthright to know our body’s rhythms and fiercely protect our fertility data. ALUNA is where we start.


Through ALUNA we tune in to our body's wisdom, as a mindful practice. It supports:

  • Being aware of your fertility window and our unique body rhythm.

  • Creating and understanding your own lunar chart.

  • Embracing our sexual energy. However it manifests.

  • Healing ancestral wounds and releasing period shame.

  • Remembering oneness with nature by tuning into our body's needs.

  • Learning a complete system that functions as an emotional regulation tool as well as a spiritual awareness practice.


  • You'd love to learn to track your inner rhythms through Moon cycles.

    Moon cycle awareness offers a great way to connect to intuition.

  • Desire to learn more about sexual energy and bodily autonomy.

    Sexual energy helps us understand the relationship between emotional sovereignty and cyclical power.

  • Your desire to embrace the vastness of your emotional landscape.

    Connecting to the world through a heart centered perspective allows us to experience radical self love in all we are.

  • You are ready to embrace your full self and shed ancestral layers of conditioning and shame.

    Having compassion for ourselves allows us to heal generations of trauma. ALUNA makes space for loving awareness to guide us as we set an intention to love what is.

Are you ready to be sovereign in your body?


We start October 24th.

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    All sessions held on Zoom and recorded if you can't make it live.



Your weekly Lunar cycle is a roadmap that provides rich and powerful insight into the health and nourishment of your physical and emotional body. What does that mean? + Pleasure + ease + compassion for self + intentional living. Because learning how to live in alignment with each phase of our lunar cycle is a necessity and is everyone’s birthright. Using this map helps us remember how to work in alignment with the ancestral wisdom of our body and empowers us to live in pleasure and ease, which in turn nourishes us spiritually. Aluna Practice is a reminder that we are ONE with everything that is.


Juliana Luna

I come from a long lineage of Brazilian traditional healers. Rezadeiras. Lunar Ancestral technology and the wisdom my Ancestors conveyed to me shape the path I follow through my 10+ years self development and healing journey. This wisdom is liberation oriented. It is a powerful practice of remembering. It is also my daily practice in life and what from today, I share with you. The moment I committed to myself in love and deep compassion, allowing space to be made for my vast emotional landscape, cycle after cycle, my life began to flow. Effort became less. Aluna reminds us about our own time and space, our presence. A place we can always go back to. A home. Aluna also gently offers a perspective on how to honor our tides in ways that remind us of who we are, allowing our own expanded perspective to perceive and shape how we show up in the world. Wholeness as a way of being — is what you will get out of this practice. This is an invitation to join a community of people who are choosing their gifts everyday. We choose to show up as we are. To serve despite our fear. In Love. Unconditional Love.