Learn how to create your lunar system.

The Aluna Method - Period (Part 2)

Your monthly cycle is a roadmap that provides rich and powerful insight into your health and nourishment of your body.

Learning how to live in alignment with each phase of your lunar cycle is a necessity that is every woman’s birthright.

Using this map helps you learn how to work in alignment with the wisdom of your body. This map empowers you to live in your purpose.

In this course you will:


  • Learn how to create and understand your own lunar chart 

  • Learn about the moon’s wisdom through AfroBrazilian Yoruba Mythology

  • Learn to map your inner cycles according to the moon.

  • Align your weeks with your creative energy flow.

  • Learn a complete system that you can do every month, to help you track your emotional/ sexual responses and investigate deeper into your journey of self development.


  • - 4 weeks- throughout the course of 1 month, starting April 26th 

  • - 6 classes (recorded if you’re unable to attend live), 1h 15min Class 

  • - Discounted rates for 1:1 sessions

  • - A Curated playlist with the best Brazilian jams to inspire you during your journey

  • - A private community of fierce women that support one another

  • - Deeper understanding of Lunar wisdom 

  • - A comprehensive digital guide/ workbook for your continued healing

Course curriculum

    1. WELCOME!


    3. ZOOM LINK

    1. Symbology and Yoruba story of creation. The blueprint for integrating Light and Dark.

    2. CLASS 1 - VIDEO

    3. CLASS 1 - AUDIO

    4. ALUNA METHOD Workbook - Week 1

    5. Resources and extra info related to class

    1. Archetypes of the Moon: New Moon - Nanã the Wise Grandmother

    2. Workbook week 2

    3. CLASS 2 - VIDEO

    1. Archetypes of the Moon : Waxing Crescent - Yewá - The Young Visionary

    2. Workbook Class 3

    3. CLASS 3 - VIDEO

    4. CLASS 3 - AUDIO

    1. Archetypes of the Moon: Full Moon - Mother - Osun and Yemanjá

    2. Workbook Class 4

    3. Class 4 - Video

    4. Class 4 - Audio

    1. Guest Teacher class


About this course

  • $80.00
  • 29 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content


Juliana Luna

I come from a long lineage of Brazilian traditional healers. Rezadeiras. Lunar Ancestral technology and the wisdom my Ancestors conveyed to me shape the path I follow through my 10+ years self development and healing journey. This wisdom is liberation oriented. It is a powerful practice of remembering. It is also my daily practice in life and what from today, I share with you. The moment I committed to myself in love and deep compassion, allowing space to be made for my vast emotional landscape, cycle after cycle, my life began to flow. Effort became less. Aluna reminds us about our own time and space, our presence. A place we can always go back to. A home. Aluna also gently offers a perspective on how to honor our tides in ways that remind us of who we are, allowing our own expanded perspective to perceive and shape how we show up in the world. Wholeness as a way of being — is what you will get out of this practice. This is an invitation to join a community of people who are choosing their gifts everyday. We choose to show up as we are. To serve despite our fear. In Love. Unconditional Love.